The Tia Foundation offers the opportunity for villagers to become self-developing. Our goal is to supply the knowledge and skills, as well as confidence, so that the villagers will no longer need us. We can then move on and repeat the process in other regions of need.


Sustainable Health Care Solutions

Tia offers a different health solution than many NGOs, because we seek to create independence in the communities where we work rather than dependence. We teach communities “how to fish, rather than giving them fish” in the realm of physical wellbeing. Instead of making the villages reliant on constant outside intervention, we teach them how to take care of themselves and plug them into a permanent supply line of local resources. Favoring local resources ensures that the local economy is stimulated and that resources are tailored more specifically to each community’s needs.


To initiate this process, Tia provides a strategic health and medical program utilizing:


  • Using local doctors and medical student to treat villagers and provide hands-on education for the Community Health Worker
  • Training heath care techniciansCommunity Health Worders in each village to a level where they can treat common injuries and illnesses
  • Filling gaps in necessary pharmaceuticals and supplies
  • Establishing village emergency self-insurance funds
  • Bringing volunteer expedition doctors to perform specialty surgery and treatment
  • Establishing and promoting health and sanitation education among the villagers
  • Setting up a self-maintaining pool of resources for training and supplies that is locally driven
  • Creating school and community gardens to alleviate malnutrition
  • Providing age-appropriate lesson plans for local schools on subjects related to health, nutrition and sanitation

Through successful completion of pilot projects currently under way in the states of Guanajuato, Sonora and Jalisco, Tia plans to create a repeatable customizable and sustainable model to be replicated in other states in Mexico, and/or with its strategic partner, CHOICE Humanitarian, in other countries.


Working in cooperation, Tia and CHOICE offer a virtually complete development package in the rural communities they serve.


2 Responses to “Programs”

  1. 1 Bonnie Berg MacLaird August 22, 2008 at 4:16 pm

    I read about the Tia Foundation in the Summer 08 Tbird Magazine. I’m so proud a fellow alumni has chosen this path. I have a home in San Miguel de Allende and spend a lot of time in the rural communities of Guanajuato. I know the sad circumstances of these women in rural communities where the men have gone norte. Good for all of you for helping!

  2. 2 Nancy March 6, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    This is a wonderful approach! Mexico has such a diversed population with many indigenous group speaking their own dialogue and having unique cultures. Even when they make it to the public hospital in the nearest town, the poor and the indigenous don’t always get the most respectful or culturally-sensitive treatment. Public hospitals in small towns sometimes face shortage of medical supply. This encourages self-development in healthcare in rural areas and help them develop their own community-based solution catering to their needs and culture. Thanks for doing this!

    Tbirds rock!

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A Thunderbird School of Global Management field study found a four fold drop in immigration from areas in Mexico that benefited from rural community development programs. Thus, an indirect result of Tia’s program efforts encourage people to remain in their home communities and invest in the future of Mexico

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