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Role Models

This is one of our newest Community Health Workers.  She joined us this morning in Agostadero during out free consultations because she wanted to practice drawing blood and other new skills she learned this week in class.  Her daughter has been watching her as she learns valuable lifesaving knowledge like CPR, birthing, IV and IM injections and much more.  As she gives free care to neighbors and families, she gains respect and prestige in the community.  There is no doubt that she is a great role model for her daughter.

Modelos a Seguir

Esta es una de nuestras Promotoras en Salud de la Comunidad. (leer mas) Continue reading ‘Role Models’

Shout Out to UVM’s Mobile Chem Lab

20170320_185417A big shout out for our Universidad del Valle de Mexico‘s Mobile Chemistry Lab students! Some nights, they have been up until midnight processing blood and urine tests for our villagers.  They can set up wherever there is an electrical outlet and work quickly so patients can get their results promptly.  This critical and innovative service has already saved lives!

Un Grito para el Laboratorio Químico Móvil de la UVM

Un gran grito para los estudiantes del Laboratorio (leer mas) Continue reading ‘Shout Out to UVM’s Mobile Chem Lab’

Hope for the people of Ojo de Agua

Today was the Tia Foundation’s third day of our project in Atengo, Jalisco, Mexico.  This morning with UVM, we traveled to the nearby small town of Ojo de Agua.  All morning, the medical students have been giving medicine to patients, psychological evaluations, teaching school kids about health and taking blood samples to be tested for numerous illnesses.   For some of the people here, it may the first time they have ever visited a doctor.  We would also like to welcome Barry and Carmen Libman, who have joined us on the project and care deeply about helping those in need. Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be back soon with more stories and pictures

Esperanza para la Gente de Ojo de Agua

Hoy termina el tercer día de nuestro proyecto en Atengo, Jalisco, México. (leer mas) Continue reading ‘Hope for the people of Ojo de Agua’

Vital Signs and Heimlich



We had a wonderful turnout of Promotores in Atengo, many from remote rural areas, very far from services.  The poverty of these small villages is stark and roads are narrow and bumpy.  Having a skilled health worker nearby with a well equipped medical kit will mean the difference between life and death.

Signos Vitales y Maniobra de Heimlich

Tuvimos muy buenos resultados (leer mas) Continue reading ‘Vital Signs and Heimlich’

Girls Benefit Most


Girls whose mothers are Promotoras gain knowledge and skills which their moms share with them. Their daughters also witness first hand the increasing respect these women earn in the community.  Whether or not their mother is a Promotora (Community Health Worker), girls discover new role models among Tia’s Promotoras.  The rising tide raises all boats, so all the village girls and their mothers benefit from the added esteem that the Promotoras achieve.

Las Niñas Son las Más Beneficiadas

Las niñas, cuyas madres son Promotoras de Salud, (leer mas) Continue reading ‘Girls Benefit Most’

Check out Tia’s New Short Video

Nate Harris, our Program and Marketing Director extraordinaire, put together this great short video explaining a little about what we do at Tia.  Katie Smith, our pioneer VEA (Volunteer Expedition Adventurer) opens the video by showing us how to keep time doing CPR, or in Spanish, RCP.  The young men of Brophy College Preparatory and some of our favorite people from Universidad del Valle de Mexico are featured too.  We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends!

Tia is Headed to Atengo, Jalisco


Tia and the UVM brigade will be starting a new project in the last week of March in Atengo, so Laura is headed down in a couple of weeks to do the advance work with Dr. Roberto.  Atengo is both a small town and a municipality west of Guadalajara. The word Atengo is a Nahuatl (Nahuatl people are also referred to as Aztecs) word meaning: “at the edge of the water”.  This region is inhabited by the Nahuatl and before that, the ancient Toltec people.  The Nahuatl saw the Toltecs as their cultural and intellectual ancestors.

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