Bringing Latest Zika Fact Sheet to Mexico


Tia will be bringing the newest fact sheets on Zika in Spanish to disperse in while we are in Mexico next week, thanks to Hesperian Foundation, who also are the publishers of the health care worker manuals we distribute to every Promotora.  Click here for the English language version: English Zika Fact Sheet.  And here is the same in Spanish: Spanish Zika Fact Sheet.

Unfortunately, Zika is harming the already most vulnerable populations in Latin America, where women have been asked to avoid pregnancy, but have not been given broad access to contraception.

This was just published by Jill Filopovic in the Washington Post [click on the quote to read the whole article], “According to Gallup polling, people living in Latin American are less likely to say that women are treated with respect and dignity than people living anywhere else in the world. Violence against women is endemic — in Peru, for example, half of women say their first sexual experience was forced. Poverty remains feminized. Contraception access is improving, but remains low for adolescents and low-income women in particular.”


We’re Doing a Happy Dance Today!

happy dance

We surpassed our goal for Tia’s 10×10 Campaign for our 10th Anniversary!  Thank you all so much for your kind words, well wishes, and your donations!  Everyone’s donation was matched by our dear friends at Sechler CPA, so if you donated $10, Sechler matched it so your donation was worth $20, enabling 4 people to have access to lifelong healthcare!

Our goal was $1,000 and we raised $1,020, so 204 of the poorest farmers in Mexico and their families will have a greatly improved quality of life because of your support.

Throw Back with Tbird Volunteers


An immigration study with Thunderbird School of Global Management volunteers found that programs like Tia’s can drop cross-border immigration by as much as 400%.  Our ‘teach them to fish’ models enable people stay with their families by helping them improve their own communities.  Help us celebrate 10 years! Our matching donation campaign ends Sunday! Click here and help 4 people have healthcare for life with just $10!

Two Medical Students from UVM Share

After our most recent project near Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, these two bright medical students from Universidad del Valle de Mexico tell us what volunteering for our project and working with the poor meant to them.  Very sweet and moving.

Photo Album Remembering Tia’s Decade


This Sunday marks our 10th Anniversary of incorporation, though our research began in 2005.  To celebrate, we are taking the time to remember all of the people and places that made this journey so special. Thanks to the hard work and support from so many, Tia has gone from just a dream to the reality of serving free health care to over 130,000 needy villagers.

Tia’s Decade in a mini photo album.  Click on the link or type into your browser:


Ten for Ten!!!!!!!

For 10 years now Tia has been sharing its vision of sustainable health care with the world! We invite you to participate in this milestone by taking part in our $10 for 10 program.  You will make a real and lasting difference!

$1 x 10 years     = $10    (2 villagers get health care for life)

$10 x 10 years    = $100   (health care for 20 people for life)

$10 reoccurring monthly   = $10     (2 new villagers every month get health care for life)

or invite 10 people to like our Facebook page    =  $0     Spread the word about Tia

People with diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnant and the elderly get weekly visits from health care representatives.  To date we have trained 320 health workers in 5 states, serving 130,000 people and the quality of life in these region has been endlessly enriched.

Please click on the Donate button to the right or visit our 10 Anniversary Page!

Tia’s 10 Year Anniversary This Month!

Nayeli Arechiga, the Director of Casa de Ninos Corazon de Angel, the orphanage we visited on our last project in Ciudad Guzman, made this short video about what Tia’s program means to her and the girls in her orphanage.  We are honored to include such an intelligent and compassionate Promotora to our ranks!

Please keep checking back this month as we share stories, pictures and videos from our 10 years serving our wonderful villages in Mexico!

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A 501(c)3 non-profit, the Tia Foundation endeavors to provide health-related development strategies, not relief. “Tia”, meaning “aunt” in Spanish, seeks to use our experience, resources and knowledge to link villagers to the means to do for themselves. Learn More...

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Study Shows Four Fold Drop in Immigration from Mexico

A Thunderbird School of Global Management field study found a four fold drop in immigration from areas in Mexico that benefited from rural community development programs. Thus, an indirect result of Tia’s program efforts encourage people to remain in their home communities and invest in the future of Mexico

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