Who is Tia?

10648188_10152837545225281_6335118067317543355_oTia uses a ‘teach them to fish’ model to train and equip villagers, who live hours from the nearest doctor.  They learn to deliver babies, treat diabetes, handle first aid cases and most importantly, how to tackle their problems together, as an organized community. Our model is sustainable because the local governments commit to resupply the Tia medical kits and provide continuing education.

Thanks to generous donors, like the Ingebritson, Armstrong, Libman and Pakis families, Tia now serves almost 150,000 people for less than $5 a person, including overhead.

¿Quién es Tía?

Tía aplica el modelo de “enseñarlos  a pescar para capacitor y equipara los habitantes que (mas)

Tia’s Fall Newsletter is Out


The latest edition of Tia Noticias is out today. Click here or go to https://tiafoundation.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/noticas082916.pdf . Our Fall Update contains details about our next project launch in a few weeks, a call for volunteers in nursing and allied health, a tribute to Jack Ingebritson, and other tidbits.

We Need Nurses & EMTs Volunteers!


We need volunteer Nurses, Physician’s Assistants, Paramedics and EMTs to help us with an event  on October 15th in Chandler, Arizona.  We are setting up a booth at a 5K event and would like to educate the families and friends of the racers on hypertension, diabetes and vital signs in general.  If you are interested in helping Tia at this event, please contact Nate at 602-694-8100 or email him at tionate@cox.net.

Little Darlings Like This One


Little darlings like this one get more than great quality, free care when Tia and their UVM brigade show up.   Her mama gets free care too and our Promotoras are there for them both throughout their lives thereafter.  They give her mama advice on child care and take care of the whole family when they are sick, administer vaccinations and are on hand to assist when this little darling’s mama delivers a sibling.  Our Promotoras will teach her abuelita (grandma) how to manage her high blood pressure and our tireless Health Workers will clean and bandage the family’s cuts and alert them immediately if they need escalated care.

Little darlings like these are very lucky and Tia wants to reach many more of them.  Thank you for helping us do just that!

Life is Like an Onion. You Have to Peel Each Layer


Free consultations were given by the UVM brigade  on our first day in the Municipality of Tuxcueca, Jalisco in the little town of Las Cebollas (The Onions), very far off the beaten path. This picture is taken in the town square, next to the elementary school.  Our Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) doctors endured the intense heat and humidity each day of this project, in places where there is no air conditioning and often no electricity.  Just when the medicos thought we had covered every patient in town, school let out, and many parents brought their children for free care too.  Lots of Tia Promotores (community health workers) in training, turned up to lend a hand at the consultations.

La vida es como una cebolla, debes pelarla capa por capa.

Se ofrecieron consultas  gratuitas por la brigada de la UVM en nuestro primer día en el municipio (mas)

Practicing on Oranges

Practice on Oranges

Bertha Alicia Lopez, the President of DIF (Family & Social Services) in Tuxcueca is practicing injections on an orange before attempting it on a live person.  An orange is much less intimidating for a first stab.  She and her classmates passed this exercise on their exams with flying colors.  Tia’s next stop will be in La Manzanilla de La Paz in September.  We hope to stop by and say hello to our Promotores and friends in Tizapan El Alto and Tuxcueca while we are in the area.

Practicando en naranjas

Bertha Alicia Lopez, presidenta del DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia: servicios sociales) en (mas)

Tia’s Summer Newsletter


We just finished Tia’s Summer Newsletter.  If you would like to view it, click here or use this link (https://tiafoundation.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/noticas062116.pdf).  You can read more details about our recent project in Tuxcueca, get to know our VEA Katie Smith, preview our next project, and much more!

Boletín de verano de Tía

Justo terminamos el boletín de verano de tía. Si quieres visitarlo haz click aquí y utiliza este link (https://tiafoundation.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/noticas062116.pdf). Puedes leer más detalles acerca de nuestro reciente proyecto en Tuxcueca, conocer a nuestra VEA Katie Smith, ver avances de nuestro próximo proyecto, y mucho más!

Two of Many


A physician’s grade stethoscope and baumanometer (blood pressure cuff) are just two of many items Tia’s Promotores find in their medical kits.  There are also prenatal vitamins, IV solutions and setup equipment, syringes, bandages, medicines to treat a wide variety of ailments and emergencies, and a glucometer with plenty of lancets and testing strips.  Each kit is customized for the specific needs of that zone and are valued at around $2,000 retail.  Our Volunteer Expedition Adventurers help us put them together before each project, so they get to see first-hand all the lifesaving contents.

Dos de muchos

Un estetoscopio y un baumanómetro (equipo de toma de presión arterial) profesional son (mas)

About Tia Foundation

A 501(c)3 non-profit, the Tia Foundation endeavors to provide health-related development strategies, not relief. “Tia”, meaning “aunt” in Spanish, seeks to use our experience, resources and knowledge to link villagers to the means to do for themselves. Learn More...

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Study Shows Four Fold Drop in Immigration from Mexico

A Thunderbird School of Global Management field study found a four fold drop in immigration from areas in Mexico that benefited from rural community development programs. Thus, an indirect result of Tia’s program efforts encourage people to remain in their home communities and invest in the future of Mexico

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